Ken Seeley Aftercare is the solution to make a Change

Licensed professional Diversion programs been doing it for 30 years and able to reach 80-85% rate while traditional treatment for 30 days is still as low as 7-10%. For 3 decades traditional treatment has failed us. Until now we bring in the whole family system and change that so they all learn how to support the recovery process. Families want to learn how but they were never informed until now. Ken Seeley Aftercare is the solution to make a Change.
If we can get the family system to change we can make a difference in the 90-160 addicts dying a day. That’s a plane full of people each day dying and we don’t have the answers until now. The family’s HAVE to change and they need the support for 1-5 years to keep them and the addict on track. The addict has been using for how many years??? And you think 30-60-90 days will cure them???? This Is a brain disease, the brain has been abused for years and he patters have been in place for years with the families and you think it will change that quickly??? No wonder treatment doesn’t work. It takes time to heal the brain and change the FAMIlY patterns that why we work with you for a year or up to 5 years.

Aftercare Treatment

Participants will receive a simple, affordable and comprehensive aftercare program with our Aftercare Monitoring.

Support Team

The support team of each participant will vary, and can include (but not limited to) doctors, therapists, sponsors…


The family member or members of each participant are an extremely important part of the Monitoring program.


A first step for many people concerned they or their loved ones have substance abuse problems is to do research…

Let us show you how

Call us and we can help make that change so you all can be living a better life. Addicts take hostages and the families end up being the victims but they don’t see a way out. Let us show you all the way out.
Something like this and you guys can all add to it. Kyle you can show how it helped your family as an example. How it starts with an intervention on then whole family and then who sticks With the program and who doesn’t. What the results are. Jon you have cases you can talk about but on all these do anonymously just examples how things were before what happened and how they have changed and the ones that stick to the plan have a higher success rate for long term recovery.

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